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Barrier posts


 Catalog excerpt: Barrier posts

The variety of the Schake Barrier posts is not only restricted on different diameters and types, there are also different locking systems and ways of installation. Variations of materials like steel, aluminum, plastic, recycling, steel in hot dipped galvanized also with powder coated surface in different colors are available to offer individual products for our customers.

Barrier posts
Barrier posts in a wide variety of different diameters:
Our product range offers barrier posts from light editions to steel tube bollards, our posts in very massive design.

Barrier posts 70x70mm
Barrier posts 100x100mm
Barrier posts Ø 42mm
Barrier posts Ø 76mm
Barrier posts Ø 82mm
Barrier posts Ø 89mm
Barrier posts Ø 102mm
Ornamental bollards Ø 120mm
Ornamental bollards Ø 140mm
Barrier posts Ø 150mm
Barrier posts Ø 193mm
Barrier posts Ø 275mm
Conical bollards

Chain posts
Chain posts red/ white for temporary blocking, available as chain posts made of plastic and as a heavy model with steel post incl. recycling foot

Flexible plastic posts
Barrier posts
made of plastic usable as a marking element, available as Flexipost or as Kickback ® - bollard

Car-park barriers
Car-park barriers also usable as a passing blocker, in different models

Ornamental bollards
Ornamental bollards timeless simple or ancient with special designs, wide range of possibilities, ornamental bollards made of steel with bullet head
ornamental bollards with different types of head
conical barrier posts

Recycling material post
Bollards made of recycling material – our massive recycling posts for application in municipal places

Sign posts
Steel posts hot dipped galvanized with tube clips for the installation of traffic signs

Triangular wrench, barrier chain of steel, plastic barrier chain, shackle, connecting link, covers, ground sockets of steel, ground sockets of grey-cast iron, and many other things

For the different requirements we provide the user with many different solutions of locking mechanisms and installation possibilities.

Locking mechanism:
triangular lock according with DIN 3223
triangular lock 8mm
round cylinder
profile cylinder

to drive-in
to cast in concrete
to plug on
fully retractable

Corrosion-resistant by full bath – hot dipped galvanization acc. to DIN EN ISO 1461

Powder coated in many RAL- and DB-colors

Quality made in Germany

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