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Building construction


 Catalog excerpt: Building construction

The sector Building construction equipment contains many product-systems for the safety and for a practical work on the construction site. There are different models of inner- and outer-thread formwork props with the specialized accessories; crank operating scaffolding jacks, folding jacks, formwork clamps, builder’s steps, bracket scaffoldings or guard rail clamps to mention some examples for our high-value products for the professional building construction.


Especially, we would like to point out, our wide range of formwork equipment. We have formwork props with inner and outer thread available in the range of class A, B, B/D and C/E, certificated acc. to DIN EN 1065.


Excerpt from our entire program: Building construction

  • Scaffolding jack
  • Foldable scaffolding support
  • Crank-operated scaffolding support
  • Builder's trestle
  • Builder’s steps
  • Scaffold support part
  • Matching railings and railing posts
  • Accessories