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An idea for the needs of the business partner is the starting point of any product development. With the focus on the customers, we search for solutions for the different applications and a sophisticated market. The constantly growing and changing requirements are motivation for us to move ahead and not allow innovation to stop.



In-house production is a typical featureof this company. Our core competence is production with strong focus on the customer. The rapid requirements of the market are a major stimulus for the company and Germany as production site. We invest in most up-to-date production equipment because Germany occupies a central place as source of supply and plays an important part as driver of production in the European tates.



Prompt delivery is often the decisive basis for long-term business relations today. Distributors can rely on an ever wider range of products from Schake. Not only the availability of finished goods is important to customers, also stocks of components and semi-finished products are built in time to be able to deliver orders for special design products.



Contact partner with competence and friendliness encourages customers to establish lasting business relations. Our employees are versed in technical details and can provide extensive consultation services. We like talking to customers on phone; meeting them personally is what we appreciate even more. Extensive qualification and training courses are organized for our sales partners to enable field service staff to respond to questions they are asked quickly and competently.



Today, many consignments are shipped from the factory directly to the target site; this saves time and cost. Close cooperation with leading forwarding agents and the possibility of transporting goods by our own trucks make it possible to deliver truckloads to customers within shortest time.
All general cargo shipments are traced electronically so that we can tell you at any time where the goods are and when they will arrive.



We are open to questions and suggestions also after the goods have been shipped from the factory. Our staff is by your side also after the goods have been sold to you.
This company wants to establish and maintain relations with customers and suppliers on a long-term basis as thisbenefits all involved. Besides, the information you give us is important so that we can ensure the continuity of relations through targets we share with you.